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From Antioch to Ammanford, Ephesus to Ebbw Vale, Jerusalem to Tonypandy, Derbe to Dolgellau!

Over the last three months Waleswide has completed a comprehensive series of leaders gatherings around the nation to help leaders digest, reflect on, and act upon the key priorities coming out of David Ollerton's book A New Mission to Wales.

Those of you who were at those gatherings will have appreciated the time to grapple with the challenges and opportunities of recognising once again that we are indeed living in a mission field.  I'm sure too you will have appreciated the fact that David was able to be at each gathering in person to direct our thinking and our discussions.

Now it's homework time!  Everyone on our mailing list, whether you got to a gathering or not, has received an action worksheet which we strongly hope will be a major item on the agenda of your church leadership meeting.

We believe the Lord is calling each church across the nation to consider how best it can specifically step out into the mission field of Wales - and the worksheet should help you begin to walk through that process.  Most of you could define what we mean when we say 'Antioch church' but the worksheet will encourage you to think about an 'Ephesus church', a 'Jerusalem church' and a 'Derbe church' too - and whether your own local church could be one of these models in the nation of Wales.

As always, Waleswide team members are only a phone call away from having a chat with you, meeting you for a coffee, and giving some extra input into your discussions.

To continue our commitment to seeing the Good News shared in every town and village across the nation, Waleswide has just facilitated our very first introductory conferences for prospective church planters and missional community pioneers.  Meeting in Merthyr in the south and Bala in the north we have welcomed over 20 leaders for envisioning, encouraging and equipping.  We will definitely be running this course again, in the expectation that as churches all over Wales engage with the worksheet one of the results will be an increase in the number of leaders God calls to start a new work in the neediest parts of Wales.

If you are reading this blog but haven't received a recent update including the worksheet then you may not be on our mailing list! Simply register here.

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