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One of the outstanding features of spiritual awakenings in previous times has been a rediscovery of the passion and power of prayer.  It is with considerable excitement and humility that we are seeing once again across Wales a marked increase in both the number of prayer gatherings as well as their intensity.

For the past two years or so the 'harp and bowl' model of prayer and worship (see Revelation chapters 5 and 8) has been being developed within our context here in Wales and is now gaining momentum amongst many churches and prayer groups.

Quite a number of churches and groups of churches are holding monthly prayer times calling on God for a new season here in Wales.  A typical 'harp and bowl' prayer night begins with worship that declares God’s glory and majesty and includes many simultaneous prayers for salvation, healing, unity, leaders, young people and children, communities and mission.  We are often calling for the favour of God upon the nation again and pleading for many of his great promises to be fulfilled in our generation.

An increasing number of churches are discovering a fresh expression of prayer through this simple and flexible structure which allows everyone to participate throughout the prayer time.

Currently there are monthly prayer nights in most counties across Wales and most recently we have seen the Cardiff House of Prayer begin these monthly sessions which are planned for the whole of 2016. 

Many great saints in previous generations have reminded us that before God sends a fresh outpouring of his Spirit upon a nation, he sets the church praying.  It is our firm conviction that we are in such a season.

Waleswide is encouraging every church to set aside time to pray for Wales around St David’s Day, to pray that God will call people to do gospel ministry, lead, and plant in places such as those highlighted on our prayer page.

On March 1st this year New Wine Cymru has organised a prayer evening across the whole of Wales where every region will join in prayer simultaneously for the nation (details here).  Churches are being encouraged to join together with others in their region so that we may lift our voices and our prayers to God with a real sense of unity and purpose.

Prayer is the powerhouse of the church.  It radically changes people, deeply affects churches and transforms communities.  Prayer softens our hearts, changes our perspectives, sanctifies our desires and motivates our purpose.  Prayer is the air the church breathes.  Prayer touches heaven and changes earth.  May this new season of prayer help bring transformation to our nation of Wales.

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