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In last month's Waleswide blog I explored some reflections on John Jackson's book, Pastorpreneur - creative ideas for birthing spiritual life in your community.

A couple of the principles Jackson highlights are Grabbing the Attention of Your Community, and Conducting Big Faith-Building Events.

Jackson makes the point that for all the individuals Jesus ministered to, he never neglected his ministry to 'the crowd'. Which makes me wonder whether churches across Wales have neglected opportunities to reach out to large groups. Just recently during the Rugby World Cup, several churches in Cardiff partnered in gospel outreach to fans on match days, whilst the Gideons also offered New Testaments to those rugby fans. The church that I belong to launched our next Alpha course with a Rugby World Cup Alpha meal, which gave our members a really good night to invite their friends to.

Most evangelistic and church planting strategy these days focuses on the importance of one-to-one relationships and 'relational evangelism' and I completely believe in that approach - your church can have a great outreach programme but without individuals sharing Jesus then strategies are irrelevant! We may have by and large moved away from the old-school crusade model but I'd be fascinated to know if your church has a model of ministry to 'the crowd'?

Especially if you are involved in a church plant, your experience of how you grab the attention of your community might well be enlightening for others who are trying to connect with their own mission field more effectively.

In Pastorpreneur, Jackson references a respected colleague who bemoans the fact that church leaders have mostly become keepers of the aquarium rather than fishers of men, which is a powerful and salutary metaphor.

So if you have some models of good practice from your established church or church plant in the area of community presence, community outreach, evangelism in Wales, then we at Waleswide would love to hear about it and share your experience more widely as an example and an encouragement to others.

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