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So what will the Church scene look like all over Wales in 2025?

I have a friend who is a futurologist, and Chief Executive of a company specializing in ‘Global Futures and Foresight’.  He advises large companies and government bodies on their strategic futures, to help them to embrace change and prepare strategies for renewal and growth.  He challenges his clients about the near future in order to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, to help them generate new visions, strategies, products…  I used to think that it was all vague, speculative hype, and money for nothing … since he is not a prophet…  However, now I am not so sure.

Church leaders tend to wing-it, or at the most plan just for the year ahead. Thinking beyond that is something that we normally do not have time, money or energy for.  If we were captains of ships we would be drifting, and probably sailing round in circles.  If we were in business we would have no new product lines, and would soon be bankrupt.  In the church, we trust God (and rightly so) and do today as we ‘feel led’ (which often works, for now).  What we do not tend to do is read the times, understand the seasons and get rightly aligned for what is coming.  We are famous for being somewhat behind the curve.

Having said all that, we do not know the mind of God, cannot predict His ways, or how He will lead or break in next.  There will be turns in the way ahead which we cannot see from here.  Our world and His ways are always changing. However, doing nothing, and only thinking about today, can still leave us unprepared, under-resourced and unready to take opportunities when they do come.

This is particularly true in area of training this and the next generation of leaders.  Are we training people for the church of yesterday, or today, or tomorrow?  If for tomorrow, then we must understand our day, trends, and the likely situation in Wales in ten years’ time, or the training will not be as relevant as it should be.  So where is the future?  Is it time for leaders to pray, think, and sense what God is saying about tomorrow as well as today?

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