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Wales is a mission field.  If you haven’t heard that statement over the last couple of years, then either you are hard of hearing or you haven’t been to any of the conferences or consultations that Waleswide has hosted!

We believe passionately that churches across the nation must recognise that we are living in a land that needs to be treated as a mission field, and must embrace all that this statement implies.

One of the roles I undertake in my local church is to co-ordinate our overseas mission programme, and as a church we are on the journey of treating mission to Wales with the same passion and profile as we give to overseas ministry.

Let me give you some suggestions as to how a church can raise the profile of mission in Wales:

  • As a church you probably have a long-term partnership with churches or ministries overseas.  Why not do the same with a church somewhere in Wales?
  • Possibly you apportion some of your church finances to overseas mission.  How about sowing finance into the mission field of Wales?
  • Praying for missionaries overseas, or for nations and regions in need might sometimes play a part in your church worship services.  Now and again, why not profile a Welsh town or church to pray for?
  • Your church notice boards or welcome area will have missionary newsletters and mission agency updates on them.  Someone in your church with a creative flair could produce a display about the needs of Wales that could educate your congregation and inform their prayers.
  • Visiting missionaries might appear as guest speakers in your services or midweek meeting.  Could you invite a Waleswide team member to share vision and inspire faith for Wales?
  • Recruiting teams to serve overseas need not be the only way to release volunteers onto the mission field!  How about arranging a weekend mission to a needy area in Wales, to partner with a struggling church, or to pray for revival in that area.
  • Coffee mornings, sales of work, sponsored events to raise funds for overseas ministries might form a part of the programme for your home groups, women’s meeting, youth group; it only takes a slight tweak to occasionally give one of these a Welsh focus.
  • If you have young people looking to serve the Lord in a gap year, make sure you encourage them to explore options to serve within Wales as well as exploring options overseas.

If you are looking to develop the mission focus of your church into Wales then here at Waleswide we’d love to help you, chat with you, and assist you bring life to any or all of the suggestions above.  Please let us know if we can help!

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