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This is a guest blog by Rev. Geraint Morse who leads Welsh speaking churches in north Pembrokeshire.  It is a personal reflection on rural ministry in a Welsh speaking context.

Jesus has promised “I will build my church”.  It is our daily prayer.  “Do it Lord, according to your promise.”  We are discovering that seeking to invest in God’s kingdom means letting God build his church where and how he wants to and always for his glory alone.  Of course, it would be so encouraging to see numerical growth in Welsh speaking chapels and churches here in north Pembrokeshire.  However, there is a bigger picture, investment in the Kingdom of God with our eyes fixed on Jesus and eternity itself.

Many talented and committed believers have gone from small rural settings for education and employment reasons.  Many of them are swelling the congregations in town and city churches.  It would be such a blessing to see the churches that have benefitted from the influx of these believers, including students and young families, re-consider their debt and responsibility to the churches that have been instrumental by God’s grace in bringing these people to faith in the first place.

What can the larger English speaking churches do in sharing a vision of strengthening smaller Welsh speaking churches in rural areas, like north Pembrokeshire? 

  • Adopt an area and seek to be committed to pray for the Christian witness there.
  • Organize a three day prayer walk along the Pembrokeshire coast.
  • Make regular contact with a church or key worker in that area for up-to-date prayer requests.
  • Release resources to support specific mission events, e.g. Summer Club, host an outreach evening.
  • Consider releasing some mobile members to relocate to the area in order to encourage believers already there.

These released believers should come with a desire to serve, to love, to be involved and be willing to leave behind the security of an established congregation in order to venture into the challenges of a small, weak but loving congregation.  In God’s Kingdom work “Big isn’t always beautiful.”  Small, Welsh and rural is also beautiful.  Release those who are willing to venture in faith, not knowing what God will do through them.  Release the silver soldiers from the dangers of fighting in the barracks, to engage in the real fight, on the Welsh front-line.

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Thank you very much Geraint. I thing that this is very important!


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