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I was reading Don Carson’s When Jesus Confronts the World where he talks about the people needed for evangelism, church planting and leading.  Waleswide wrestles with the issue of raising a new generation of leaders, preachers, planters … and how they can be equipped, trained, and supported.  However, Don Carson highlighted the obvious:

The fields of people are ready, waiting to be harvested.  They are urgently in need of workers to go and proclaim the good news to them.  What, then, should be done?  Should we begin with training sessions to enable us to multiply the evangelizing force?  Should we plot a major strategy of recruitment?  Should we found a few strategically placed seminaries?  Or perhaps we should begin by establishing two or three international foundations to help pay for these plans?  At some point or other, all of these may be good steps to take.  But they are secondary steps, not to be attempted until considerable energy is poured into the first step.  And the first step is to pray - to pray to the Lord of the harvest, that he would send out workers into his harvest field.  One commentator puts it this way: 'As no man will himself become a sincere and faithful minister of the gospel, and as none discharges in a proper manner the office of teacher, but those whom the Lord raises up and endows with the gifts of his Spirit, whenever we observe a scarcity of pastors [or church planters], we must raise our eyes to him to afford the remedy.

As churches and leaders how can we initiate such a prayer movement and priority?  How can we make sure that we actually do what Jesus told us to do?  Clearly, if we don’t, all our talk about training, planting and leading will lead to very little …

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