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Kevin DeYoung has written recently about Gospel partnerships, saying that they are ‘A Mess Worth Making’. He describes them as partnerships across denominational lines for mutual support and collaborative ministry. He says that they have been springing up all over the US and the UK.  Indeed they have.  Waleswide being an example close to home.  They are not denominations, they have no authority over the local church, they start as an initiative between friends, and they happen because people are willing to focus on the main thing, not secondaries.  So far so good.  Some have extensive resources for equipping and training, magnificent websites, and famous names.  Waleswide has a website, a blog, a conference and training from time to time, and a lot of great friendships.

In comparison, we are small fry… but we do emphasize the main thing: Jesus, and His gospel, and His church, and what we have is a very important mission and message.  We want to see Jesus talked about, lots of lost people becoming found people, and living churches starting, or re-starting, all over Wales.  A New Mission to Wales.  We may be a disorganisation, but we want to inspire every church to find its place and role in this great mission.  The truth is we can do more together than we can apart.  The scale of the task is too big for any one of us on our own.  So… “All together now…”

PS:  DeYoung wrote the book, What is the Mission of the Church, that we suggested at the conference everyone should read.  His article is in the Spring edition of Foundations.

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