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Partnership - ˈpɑːtnəʃɪp/   noun
1. the state of being a partner or partners.  "We should go on working together in partnership."
2. an association of two or more people as partners.  "An increase in partnerships with housing associations."
synonyms: cooperation, association, collaboration, coalition, alliance, union, compact, league, confederation, affiliation, relationship, fellowship, connection. 

The Waleswide conference days in the north and south have been and gone.  More people came than before, the sense of unity was impressive, the Bible teaching by Chris Green was outstanding, and the seminars and testimonies were insightful and hugely encouraging.  The emphasis was on planting or re-planting, after focusing on transitioning existing churches in the previous conferences.  Wales needs to see all three.

As leaders of local churches we were being encouraged to join in a new mission to Wales.  We were encouraged to make Wales a target for mission, alongside our locality and the nations afar.  For most this would mean prayer, time, money, ministry, trips … work with another needy church or plant in another part of Wales.  It would mean deciding who we link with, what we could give, and receive, and how to start.  So what does Partnership mean?  The dictionary above helps, but the Greek word koinonia may tell us more.  The disciples were partners in their boats [Luke 5:7], Titus was a partner with Paul in their mission [2 Cor.8:23], and the Philippian Church were active in a ‘partnership in the gospel’ [Phil.1:5] … joining in spreading the good news … an association, fellowship, communion, cooperation, collaboration, coalition, alliance, union, compact, league, confederation, affiliation, relationship, connection …

What if leadership teams all over Wales put it on the top of their agenda after March 1st to be part of a new mission to Wales?

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