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I am thinking of how we tell the gospel to our target audience.  The three million people who live in Wales, including the 582,000 people who speak Welsh.  Why would we be careless, slipshod, ill-prepared, random, general … in how we approach and make the gospel known and seen?  If we were building a house would we not consider the client, the terrain and appropriate design?  If we were investing in stocks would we not study trends?  If we were running a business would we not research the market and promote carefully, regardless of how good our product was?

So wouldn’t it be a good idea to better understand Wales?  The differing contexts, culture, identity, history, trends, mindset, hindrances, prejudices … in order that we present the glorious gospel as appropriately as possible?  Isn’t that what Paul did in Athens?

Waleswide is offering some regional events to help us.  Where on Earth is Wales?  An afternoon to explain the challenges and opportunities to help us get our act together.  Why don’t you come?  Why not bring other leaders?  Why not ask us to do it locally for you?

Newtown (15th January).  Look and book on the website

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"The Word has NO Power" ... apparently

I was told by a Danish friend, working with churches in Copenhagen, that a presiding view amongst quite a few he worked with was that the our Father's Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no longer has any power. I know that this is a mentality that is seeping in across Wales too... and it's frustrating, it's sad, but, wonderfully, NOT TRUE!

Yes... Thank God for Youth work, but we're also seeing some amazing things happen amongst the students of Wales too!

Last year well over 100 students came to Christ, 30 alone after the Cardiff mission week last November (2012)... and I think the ball is rolling, momentum is gathering and that there is expectancy, I really do. We must never change scripture...but we can be exciting, joy-filled, creative and dynamic when we present it and 'Gossip it' (Acts 8) constantly to those we encounter. David correctly identifies that "many are not actively seeking to reach beyond their immediate circle of friends" and that's a huge problem. And yet, in Acts, over and over again (without exception in fact) we see Christians going to the most strategic centres and taking EVERY opportunity!

The missions being planned by the Welsh Christian Unions in 2012/13 are wonderful... please PRAY for them all, the students, the UCCF staff equipping them, the churches discipling and sending them, the missioners who speak etc.

What do we need to do differently? Well the other thing in that the Christians GO into the world around them, go to the communities... we step out with such trepidation and so infrequently to engage with those around us. It's why we see so much more fruit amongst Youth and Student ministries... they're more open, but the Christians are also living life much more proactively with their peers than those who are older (that's not a criticism!... that's just fact... living in halls together, sharing every meal together etc.)...

Yes, pray more and more...

But, we must get out much more... Live life with those unbelievers around us, 'Gossip' the Gospel,

And we must be seeking to encourage, challenge and remind those believers we work with/minister to to be bold, remember that the Gospel is true & it has power to save!!!


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