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As Christians in Wales we tend to polarise to the comfort of our favourite doctrines, distinctives or our particular group.  We are from the north or south, from Pembs or Ponty.  We are in our denomination or none.  We belong to our network, association or family of churches.  We speak Welsh or, according to some, we should.  We believe what we think is the truth or we alone practice it – unlike others!  It’s all very understandable, but if you live more than a few miles from a city it is utterly unhelpful.

A fortnight ago Waleswide advertised a prayer meeting in Blaenau Ffestiniog, a very needy town with little gospel witness, awareness or demonstration through a vibrant church.  People travelled for forty miles or more to be there: English and Welsh, denominations and not, Reformed and Charismatic … even from the south!  I’m sure I sensed God’s pleasure.  I also saw a real appreciation of each other, and just a bit of hope.

If for the gospel’s sake, and to see Bible shaped churches, we can unite to pray, speak well of each other, encourage each other and support practically in any way we can, then surely there is hope for Blaenau Ffestiniog and other places just as needy.  The church that emerges in Blaenau may not be my brand or shape or sing my favourite songs, but if it is gospel centred and Bible shaped we will all be cheering.

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Yup - let's get away from this "you in your small corner and I in mine" nonsense that divides and cripples us.


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