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More than five hundred ministers in Wales have just been asked to fill in a questionnaire about how they communicate the gospel and how they connect with the communities around them.  One question asks how many people from outside the church came to faith and were added to the church last year and in the last decade.  Is there a more important question?  Will there be a church in Wales without the good news of reconciliation with God through the atoning sacrifice of Christ being believed by hundreds and thousands?  Some have objected to the question.  Some may not complete the questionnaire because of it.  Some leaders are honest enough to say that the answer is a disappointing zero for these years. 

Does this matter?  Is this just a matter of statistics?  Or is it a matter of lost people who don’t know the meaning of life, the good news of Jesus, and how to get to heaven?  That is the nice way to put it.  Isn’t it about a generation not being rescued from the judgement to come?  Isn’t it a question of the destiny of thousands of old and young people, Welsh and English speakers, town and country dwellers, rich and poor who are in danger of being eternally separated from a loving God?  A question of hell?  Isn’t it time we sent the questionnaire? – asked the question? – orientated our lives and churches to asking how lost people become found people?

If you are church leader in Wales and have not had or completed the questionnaire, you can do so here.

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