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We call ourselves all sorts of things to appear different from other gospel people.  Charismatics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Brethren, Restorationists, New Church… but maybe its time to simply identify ourselves by the gospel, what Jesus has done, can do, and will do.  Kerygma was the word used by the early church to describe what they preached: all about Jesus, his death, resurrection, kingdom and grace.  What a great title!  Wales needs lots of kerygmatics!  Only those who love the gospel and the people who need it will take the steps needed to move, to plant churches, support re-plants, or take and be the good news.  We need to see lots and lots of lost people becoming found people, and dozens of new living churches.

The reason why unity for the gospel is so important is that we are not doing too well.  Why is it that so many churches are growing by conversions across Offa’s Dyke compared to the few this side?  Why are so many good and sound churches ageing and in decline?  Are we connecting with a unique Welsh context as we need to?  Certainly imports from across the pond and the dyke do significantly less well here.  On a positive note, where are the churches that are seeing people coming to a living faith and being added to the church?  What are they doing right?  What does ‘contextualised mission’ mean for them?  Let us have your insights via our blog!!

Kerygmatics are concerned about such things.  How do you like your new label?

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David I absolutely love the idea of being known as a kerygmatic, I think I will do so from now inspired suggestion my brother!!!

The only issue I would raise is that the word 'gospel' will indeed conjure up different thoughts in peoples minds.

some will think of the gospel benefits, forgiveness, eternal life,   others will think of the responses  faith, repentance or whatever...but not lthat long ago I came to the settled conclusion that the 'gospel' is neiether of is the proclamation of the fact of Jesus being raised from the dead and the fact of his supreme Lordship over all. To believe these two facts is to believe the gospel!!!

The tempation to individualise it to 'become my personal saviour'
to minimise it to 'go to heaven when I die'
or to compromise it by saying just believe
must be resisited by all of us!!

lets hear it for the rise of the kerygmatics!!!

[In response to a query, John has clarified his comments as follows]  The point I was making is that the proclamation is about Jesus directly, his resurrection and Lordship over all. The BENEFITS are forgiveness etc as I mentioned in my contribution. It would be easy to think I am saying that Christus Victor 'trumps' penal substitution...I am not saying that, I believe in both. The Gospel of Grace obviously is that Jesus has come died been raised and is now Lord and we have been invited the great kingdom feast. My minimalist approach (summed up in Rom 10v9) assumes death and burial of course, the apostolic kerygma mentions his death but even more so his resurrection and Lordship with the RESPONSE being repentance, faith and baptism, and the BENEFITS being justification, forgiveness, eternal life etc.


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