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A New Mission to Wales

By David Ollerton, this book is the fruit of several years of research into which strategies work best for church mission in Wales. Hundreds of church leaders across Wales have contributed to this research. You can purchase a copy from us here.

Here's what people are saying about A New Mission to Wales:

As a friend and fellow minister I respected greatly David Ollerton’s single-minded commitment to Gospel ministry within Wales. This book presents a meticulous analysis of some key expressions of mission in our nation that will provide a valuable contribution to the development of effective practice for years to come.

Rev Elfed Godding, National Director of Evangelical Alliance Wales

David Ollerton brings a rare combination to the table - a deep understanding of the spiritual heritage of Wales, a love and concern for the contemporary church, plus vision and faith for the future. Anyone wanting to be a part of what the Lord will be accomplishing in Wales in the coming years needs to read this significant and strategic book.

Nigel James, Elim in Wales

This book is like a piece of quality Welsh coal. It's been mined from deep within this land with meticulous care and considerable effort. I am convinced that, in the hands of diligent readers with an openness to the Spirit of God, there is enough fuel here to help relight fires in the many villages, towns and cities across our nation that long since have died down or been extinguished.

Paul Smethurst, Minister of the Baptist Union of Wales

A New Mission to Wales is not only the fruit of successful doctoral thesis, but also the fruit of an individual’s commitment to the work of the Gospel in Wales for over 20 years. Although David Ollerton was a Lancastrian by birth, the Lord not only gave him a burden for Wales, but a perception and discernment to recognise the present patterns, as well as the future needs, in order to ensure a thriving witness in our future. This volume, along with his work with Waleswide, sets a clear direction for those whose heart is to see growing and relevant churches throughout our country.

Meirion Morris, General Secretary of The Presbyterian Church of Wales

Have you ever asked yourself the question:

- what approaches to mission does God appear to be using across Wales?
- why are some churches growing and others not?
- to what extent is my church’s approach to mission right?
- in what ways does our church need to change in order to reach our community? 
- what should we do?

In short, do you long to reach your community in Wales effectively? If so, this book will be an extremely valuable tool.  Based on sound research it will stimulate and encourage your thinking.  It will lift your heart and keep your feet on the ground. It flows from a burdened heart and is driven by a burning desire to encourage and help church leaders. 

David Norbury, former General Secretary of the Evangelical Movement of Wales

If you would like to see the PhD thesis on which the book is based please click here.


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