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The Derwen Project

The Derwen Project is a training programme that exists to develop a generation of pioneer leaders who will take the gospel to people groups and places in Wales where there is no viable gospel witness. It will catalyse a new expression of Christianity in Wales. It is not an academic programme, rather it seeks to develop the character and skills of the leader. It will equip participants with experience that other programmes, internships, movements and denominational training can build upon.


This programme is for anyone who has a heart to share the good news of Jesus in Wales in a pioneering context. It could be the first step towards pioneering ministry for some and for others it could support their development as new pioneers and leaders.

A trainee pioneer will be part of the programme for two years. During this period there will be time for learning, fellowship, prayer, and personal development at a national and regional level, alongside local mentor relationships and placement experiences. You can download a brochure here.

The Derwen project has been up and running since September 2020 with our first cohort of emerging pioneers. Here are stories and pictures of some of them.

Derwen Group 1
Derwen Group 2
Derwen Group 3


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